Transforming Lives and Helping Clients Reach Their Goals

My name is Zak Rivera and I am the founder of Focused Results Studio, a personalized, one-on-one training facility that has been helping clients reach their health and fitness goals since 2012. Focused Results is pleased to work with clients from throughout the Chicago suburbs, but we primarily serve Lake Forest, Lake Bluff and Highland Park, Illinois.

To know me, is to know that my great passion is in helping others to achieve their fitness goals. The term “functional fitness” is very important to me. What do I mean by that term?

It means we work together to improve your diet, strength, toning and general well-being. Functional fitness is not about how much weight someone can lift, but being able to walk better, move more effortlessly, perform activities around the house more easily, and to improve all of fitness aspects of our everyday lives. I want to help people to feel better about themselves in all their daily activities.

As with most of my clients, many years ago I went on a personal wellness journey. In transforming my own life and becoming an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) certified trainer, I came to understand that fitness is a choice and a lifestyle. Long and non-productive workouts are not the best way to maintain health and fitness. What is important is safe weight loss, increased core strength, flexibility and wellness.

The Focused Results Philosophy

The philosophy behind Focused Results can be summarized in just one brief sentence: Health isn’t an option it’s a lifestyle. Good health isn’t a luxury, but a necessity that we should all strive to reach. With the proper encouragement, focused personalized training, good choices and nutrition, anyone – regardless of age or current state of fitness – can attain their goals and become more fit and healthy.

At Focused Results, every client is respected as a unique individual. No two individuals are ever trained quite alike; no client is ever made to feel intimidated or judged. We welcome prospective clients to schedule an appointment to visit the studio or to have me visit them, without any pressure or obligation.