April 11th – Bone spurs … what the heck. Okay so now the poor trainers have to be creative because I can’t do much with my foot. I went to the orthopedic dr and they taped up my foot for the next five days and put me back on steroids. I hate that because I always gain weight. At first, the trainers had to figure out what to do with me so I began my core regimen balanced with an arm workout. I am a little grumpy because I was all set to work out and start training hard and this happens. Darn it! We are doing very light work outs and I am in a lot of pain right now. Will find out more from the doctor after follow up.

April 18 – Doing exercises like push ups on the TRX is killer. I thought my strength was building up nicely until Drew had me do push ups using my own weight against myself. I realized that ummmm I need to work harder. I still want to say bring it but now that the tape is off my foot it has broken out and bothering me. I have started working on the exercise ball and that is FUN. I had to do a plank on the ball then try to roll my arms around. Unfortunately, I could barely balance and the thought of rolling my arms around on the ball was laughable. Dan had to hold the ball until I balanced on it and then I was still afraid I was going to land on my face. Drew meanwhile gets this smile on his face whenever he has something really hard that he wants you to try. It is a subtle thing but I have learned when that happens I am in deep trouble. He is very sneaky and often makes me work hard without me even realizing it. Sorry but the smirk/look on his face gives it away. I know instantly that I had better work hard. I do like it when they look at me and say that was too easy we need to give you a heavier weight. It makes me feel like I am getting stronger and progressing.

April 25: Ugh!!! My foot is swollen and I am allergic to everything. I think this is the third antibiotic foot cream I have tried all because I had an allergic reaction to the adhesive spray used to hold the tape in place on my foot. And then I had an allergic reaction to the foot cream. Well I certainly will continue to challenge Dan and Drew. They have to figure out how to keep me active while my foot is swollen like a balloon. Thank goodness nothing fazes them too much. Drew said we would just work around my foot. I have managed to lose over 9 lbs so far. That is going slowly but at least it is progressing. Recently, I seem to be losing .2 or .5 lbs but it continues to be a loss so I will take it. I am sure part of the reason is because I can’t really swim, and I can’t workout at as high of a level as the guys were hoping.

May 6: A very quiet Saturday. People that I normally see were gone. I felt tired and just kind of out of it today. Definitely getting stronger with my planks. Now I can add leg movement and balancing on one hand and leg. Think I need a nap today. Great workout just feeling tired and lazy.


May 16: We went outside today and that was fun! We hadn’t done that before. I got to use the ropes. I am not sure what they are called but they are HEAVY. It takes about 5 seconds before you are tired. I am not sure what I expected but I didn’t know that I would get tired so quickly. It’s a great workout. I balanced that with working with the medicine ball. I would twist and throw the medicine ball down as hard as I could. It is great for getting rid of any remaining anger. (Especially if you have teenagers) I made the ropes go up and down, circles and I don’t remember what else. I waited to see if I would get Facebook messages and texts from people who saw me outside working out, but so far all is quiet. We went inside and worked on the exercise ball. Now I can roll out into a plank and then bring my knees up and back several times without anyone needing to hold the ball for me. Yay progress! I remembered when I would just look at Dan like he was crazy when I had to try this exercise for the first time. Now I do crunches with weights on the exercise ball and other fun things. I still haven’t completely recovered from my foot issue but we keep working out. I am now down 10.5 lbs. woo hoo!!! I am not really looking forward to being weighed this week after making cookies for my son who just got home from college and then eating most of them myself. It doesn’t help that he is stick thin. I might have to rethink the sweets thing.

May 30: Thinking about joining an additional class at Focused Results for the summer. Dan is teaching a course to help with balance and core. I don’t know the exact name of the class, but I want to switch my workout so I can be here 4xs a week and still go swimming. During the summer I have a hard time sleeping because I am not teaching and all that energy I put into teaching then has no where to go. My goal is focusing on my fitness level and working to eat all those yummy fruits and vegetables. My oldest is in for a surprise, as we will be experimenting with zoodles and other lower calorie foods. My foot continues to improve. Now I just wish that the bone spur wouldn’t ache. Hopefully, I will stay healthy and strong enough to have a strong summer work out. Memorial weekend was wonderful. I had my workout with Drew and we got to box again. It always feels terrific to get an aerobic workout that doesn’t feel like an aerobic workout. Instead it’s just fun. The weekend turned into a swim fest Saturday – Monday with the park district opening the pool for the Memorial weekend. Dan followed that up on Tuesday with some balancing on the Bosu ball that involved twisting, weights and balance. My balance needed a little work. It’s hard to balance when your trainer makes you laugh, but that just makes me try even harder. I did have a set back at the end of last week with a slight weight gain. I want to blame my skinny college teenager who wanted junk food and brownies catered for him. I gave in and made stuff (of course I gained weigh and he’s still skinny) now he’s going to have to either make his own or we will have to work on a healthier “junk” food version. The rowing machine gave me a good workout. It was challenging to try and beat my previous time. I wasn’t very successful, but I just add it to my goals. It’s easy to come workout when you have happy inspiring trainers. Instead of making excuses or not wanting to go, I am always excited to see what will be waiting for me. Even when I ache afterward, I look in the mirror and see improvement every month. My stomach is starting to flatten, I have dropped a size in my clothes, the “hello Helen’s” are starting to tone up even more. If you don’t know what a “Hello Helen” is … that’s where you wave to someone (Helen) and the bottom of your arm wiggles back and forth. Oh it’s still there, but it’s a lot better than before thank goodness.



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