Focused Results: We Believe Every Client is a Unique Person. Not a Project

Our clients may come to us with health-related issues, weight loss challenges, or concerns about a lack of flexibility or strength. Quite often, we see people who are in physical therapy following surgery or recovering from an injury. It is impossible to work with everyone the same way. We recognize you are not a “project,” but a person. You are unique. Your goals are unique.

Changing a Lifestyle – and to Have Fun While Making That Change

When people try to follow a rigid, regimented plan rather than a goal of changing their lifestyle, they invariably fail and quit. At Focused Results, we want each client to gently, slowly and positively improve their health and wellness. With each 30 minute or 60-minute session we will help you see improvements and progress. Women, especially, like our approach and in fact, about three-quarters of our clients are women of all ages.

We use equipment that builds your core strength by using your own weight. Even our cardio equipment is special. For example, instead of motorized treadmills that dictate your speed, we have a machine called The Curve; a self-powered treadmill where you’re in control.

Our Staff is here for you – Always

If we can help you gain confidence, trust in yourself and to help you regain your strength, we know we can bring about change for the long term no matter your age or physical challenge. We are degreed and accredited, certified trainers are dedicated to only one goal: your health and fitness.

Clients understand that Focused Results trainers are partners and mentors, not drill sergeants or task masters. We encourage, we applaud your progress and we get tremendous satisfaction out of seeing each client succeed to the best of their abilities. The approach has worked; more than 90 percent of our clients come to us through word-of-mouth referrals. It is an honor that gives us great pride.