Everyone has their own way of getting things done, making deadlines, and learning new skills, and so forth. No one solution works for everyone, this is what makes us unique! This also applies to our methods of keeping ourselves accountable to our health and fitness goals. No matter what your goal is, it is important for you to follow through on the path you set for yourself.

Why is it when it comes to our work deadlines or family obligations we give ourselves reminders to either finish something or to show up at a certain time? Many people use giant calendars on their fridge, use their phone’s calendar and set reminders, or my personal favorite of using a daily notebook to make sure they stay on top of their “to do tasks.” This same exact method that we already use in our daily lives, can greatly increase our health and fitness lifestyles! We set goals, timelines, and deadlines when it comes to our health and fitness but we solemnly set reminders for ourselves to accomplish our goals!

We need to make it a point to write down our goals, and make them visible as we would our other deadlines and obligations. An extremely important key to success is visualization, and in this case it’s literally seeing what you strive for everyday! Your health and your fitness are immeasurable in importance, so why do we not treat it that way? Why do we set goals and then midway through forget why we are training, or cheat ourselves by not working hard enough?

Visualizing your success is so crucial for actual success, and if you make your goals visible and look at them regularly you will keep yourself accountable more often than before. Give yourself those reminders, so you continue to push yourself; because the more you push yourself and stay with your goals, the closer you will be to having your own success!


Scott Friedman – ACSM CPT; B.S: Kinsiology