This is an enthusiastic recommendation for personal trainer Zak Rivera. My wife and I have each been working individually with Zak for about three years, and we’ve been delighted with our results. When we started training, neither of us had ever done strength training. Zak was patient in helping us build up a fitness base, and then he directed our workouts to help us meet our goals. We’ve both experienced increased strength and endurance we couldn’t have imagined at the start. We routinely feel the sort of muscle soreness that tells us that we’re making progress, but Zak is careful to avoid pain or injury through careful attention to proper form and appropriate routines.

Zak brings good humor and sensitivity to his training. His first priority is the health of his clients, and he builds interesting and diverse workouts to help keep us motivated and successful. I’ve seen him work with people at various fitness levels, from beginners to trained athletes, and he’s capable and expert with all of them.

Zak is friendly, outgoing, and has a contagious positive attitude. He’s also been accommodating and helpful with our challenging schedules – even providing workout routines for us to use when we’re traveling.

I recommend Zak Rivera for anyone – at any fitness level – who wants to make meaningful changes in their fitness and sense of well being. He can help get you there. We often tell people that we consider working with Zak to be the best investment in ourselves that we’ve ever made.

Richard H. April 13, 2017