I’ve had excellent experiences with both one-on-one training and small group training sessions. The studio is clean and cheerful, definitely not like a regular gym. One-on-one sessions are great – each session is geared toward my goals and every session is different so I don’t get bored. Even in the small group sessions, I receive personal attention to make sure I am using the correct form. When I decided to try a small group workout, I was nervous that it would be too hard or too easy depending on the fitness level of everyone else in the class. I was pleasantly surprised to find that multiple variations of the exercise are always demonstrated allowing me to work at my own fitness level.

The staff is friendly and very approachable. I feel comfortable asking questions and I feel confident in the answers I receive. I would definitely recommend Focused Results to anyone who wants to improve their fitness level.


Sherry  C. April 13, 2017