Having been a slow-moving, but consistent jogger since my college baseball days in the early ’70s, I knew that many fitness trainers and coaches would try to talk me into immediately giving up running, and to switch to activities that are much easier on the joints! But I didn’t want to give up running after all these years.

So when I came to Zak Rivera and his staff at Focused Results Personal Training, I quickly found I had come to the right place, because they do fitness YOUR way, (not their own way)! Zak patiently asked me what I hoped to accomplish, (which was to continue to run a few miles a week, a few days a week without ankle or leg pain), he quickly diagnosed the knots and scar tissue in my left leg and ankle from several past sprains.

His solution was a set of exercises to do right before running, which have virtually eliminated the ankle weakness and calf pain, and have already allowed me to increase my runs, and to continue running pain-free…to the point where my wife had to come pick me up just short of Milwaukee!

Now I’m hoping I can someday run with my son Sam in the Disney Marathon…or at the very least, do the 10k Cheese run in Kenosha, (which I understand Zak has run before!).  But when a fitness trainer focuses on just what you to accomplish, and also has the ability to get you there, that has to be about as good as it gets.

I highly recommend Zak and “Focused Results” for whatever your fitness goals might be. (He even adjusts the music for you, or in my case, switches to the baseball network!

Wes Wenk April 12, 2017