Zak, Andrew, Scott and the whole team are amazing. They work with you to achieve your goals and are so encouraging. Best fitness and health training in the area – easily!

Tricia S.

Having been a slow-moving, but consistent jogger since my college baseball days in the early ’70s, I knew that many fitness trainers and coaches would try to talk me into immediately giving up running, and to switch to activities that are much easier on the joints! But I didn’t want to give up running after all these years.

So when I came to Zak Rivera and his staff at Focused Results Personal Training, I quickly found I had come to the right place, because they do fitness YOUR way, (not their own way)! Zak patiently asked me what I hoped to accomplish, (which was to continue to run a few miles a week, a few days a week without ankle or leg pain), he quickly diagnosed the knots and scar tissue in my left leg and ankle from several past sprains.

His solution was a set of exercises to do right before running, which have virtually eliminated the ankle weakness and calf pain, and have already allowed me to increase my runs, and to continue running pain-free…to the point where my wife had to come pick me up just short of Milwaukee!

Now I’m hoping I can someday run with my son Sam in the Disney Marathon…or at the very least, do the 10k Cheese run in Kenosha, (which I understand Zak has run before!). But when a fitness trainer focuses on just what you to accomplish, and also has the ability to get you there, that has to be about as good as it gets.

I highly recommend Zak and “Focused Results” for whatever your fitness goals might be. (He even adjusts the music for you, or in my case, switches to the baseball network!

Wes Wenk

The best!! Top-notch, hard workouts that get me in shape and a great environment with true expertise from the staff!

Adrianne H.

The first day I walked into his workout studio I have to say I was intimidated. Starting something new can be a little scary. His facility is very cozy and gives you a feeling of ease as you walk in. There were workout items I had never heard of such as TRX, Bosu Ball, and Kettlebells. What the heck are those?

We started slow as he wanted to figure out what the best workout was for me and my fitness level. I told him I had knee surgery a few years ago and that I would not do ANY squats or lunges EVER!! He explained that I need to strengthen the muscles around my knee in order to see and feel improvement. And so it began… each time I went we would do different exercises. Some very foreign to me and others I had done in previous life. Zak is very patient as I am a difficult subject and I say “NO” a lot. He is very inspiring and really makes you feel good about what you can do or what you can’t quite do yet.

It has been 5 weeks since I started and I am going twice a week. I am now able to squat even holding weights. Wow!! Our master plan is to see if I can run a 5k sometime in the near future. I can’t believe I am even saying those words out loud. It seems quite impossible at this time to me but I am willing to try and he is going to help me get there. Wish me luck my friends.

So, if you have not workout out with Zak yet you really should. I have realized through the years that if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. Your first workout is free so what are you waiting for? Go and have a Zak attack. You won’t regret it!!

Michelle M.

This studio offers well qualified and personable trainers who are able to assess your personal fitness goals and build a training regime to achieve them!

Each session is different making it more fun – we use different equipment each time and work on each targeted area – in particular there is a major focus on building core strength.

I have lost 15 lbs since joining 8 months ago and my body is stronger and more toned than I had hoped for.

I would highly recommend Focused Results.

Lorraine R.

I’ve had excellent experiences with both one-on-one training and small group training sessions. The studio is clean and cheerful, definitely not like a regular gym. One-on-one sessions are great – each session is geared toward my goals and every session is different so I don’t get bored. Even in the small group sessions, I receive personal attention to make sure I am using the correct form. When I decided to try a small group workout, I was nervous that it would be too hard or too easy depending on the fitness level of everyone else in the class. I was pleasantly surprised to find that multiple variations of the exercise are always demonstrated allowing me to work at my own fitness level.

The staff is friendly and very approachable. I feel comfortable asking questions and I feel confident in the answers I receive. I would definitely recommend Focused Results to anyone who wants to improve their fitness level

Sherry C.

Zak and the gang are great! Time to get in shape.

Mark K.

Zak Rivera is a truly excellent trainer and has been my personal trainer for the last 6 years. An outstanding master of his craft, he individualizes each workout to challenge me and to make sure that my own personal goals are achieved. He keeps the workouts challenging and creative and uses a perfect combination of diverse training methods that motivates me to push past my perceived limit, thus achieving results.

Zak works with the whole person, mentally, emotionally and physically knowing exactly when to push without being too ‘tough’, always giving consistent and positive feedback in an encouraging manner. He is thoughtful, easy going, extremely personable creating a relaxed, comfortable and positive atmosphere. He also has a lot of integrity. His expertise is endless whether in training, body mechanics, coaching or nutrition and he has also worked with my daughter who is a competitive swimmer, making her stronger and more flexible.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Zak to anyone who is either new to training or needs to take their training to the next level.

Georgina C.

I have been working with Zak at his Lake Forest location now for approaching one year. Zak has created a customized program for me based on my personal fitness goals. There is a great deal of variety in the program and it feels like we are doing something new almost every session. Zak is extremely professional and has a great way of communicating and motivating based on the individual needs of everyone that works with him.

I would highly recommend Zak and his team regardless if your level of fitness is at a beginner or advanced level. I have had great results so far and they keep getting better.

Luke D.

Thanks, Zak for the awesome 12 weeks. I learned so much and will recommend you to all.

Teresa W.