Thanksgiving is here and for many of us it means eating until we feel sick, can’t move, or fall asleep. This is a time to be with your families and enjoy a day full of sports and stories. Thanksgiving is also a very challenging holiday for those who are currently trying to manage their weight. Every year thanksgiving comes by and always has that dreaded aftermath. Many of us feel completely discouraged about how we look or feel for the next few days, and this leads to stopping completely with our goals. Here are some tips to help get you through the dreaded aftermath of a great Thanksgiving feast.

In anything we do, we have to realize there are always going to be possible setbacks on our journey to success. When it comes to health and fitness sometimes life gets in the way, and the only way to be ready for it, is to be aware that it is okay for some setbacks to happen. Do not be afraid to indulge for Thanksgiving and have a great time, but be aware that it will take a couple more days to get back on track! One way to keep yourself encouraged is to stay off the scale after thanksgiving! Why would we want to go on the scale the day after we eat a feast? This is the easiest way to discourage us, and it does not accurately show how your body has reacted to all the food. Your body needs time to digest all the food and get back to normal. The scale numbers are greatly exaggerated. A good way to plan for this is to weigh yourself the day before, or the morning of Thanksgiving, then do not go near the scale until a week after Thanksgiving. At this point your body will have had time to get back into its regular rhythm and you will definitely be encouraged that you did not actually gain 15lbs!

Another easy way to stay encouraged is to not starve yourself all day for the big feast. We tend to overindulge because we are hungry, but we eat the food so fast our body can’t tell us we are full until we already ate too much. Try eating a small meal an hour before dinner. This way when you’re filling your plate for the feast your body has already told you how hungry you are and you are more likely not to eat as much during the dinner.

At the end of the day, whether you eat one plate or six plates, the most important thing to realize is sometimes ‘life’ happens, and sometimes it is okay to indulge as long as we stay encouraged and get back on track afterwards!

Scott Friedman, B.S-Kinesiology

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer