When new clients come to us they, many times, have a lot of questions and requests. They ask us “will you help me lose weight? Will you help me tone my arms? How do I change my diet? What is the secret to a flat stomach?”

All of these are great questions, but unfortunately these questions don’t lead to long lasting success. As a trainer, I will listen to these questions and we will work on setting goals. Usually these goals are associated with a date of an event. Maybe there is a wedding or a high school reunion in the near future. Many trainers will specifically look at these events as an end date for that goal.

It is my job with in the first couple of sessions to show the new client how important fitness can be too long lasting health. After the first couple of sessions, client’s goals may change to “working out makes me feel great” or “I want to be healthy and active as long as I can be.” These desired outcomes are great because they are long lasting and will give the clients the results they want from their earlier goals. It is great to want toned arms or a flat stomach, but these are products of living a healthy lifestyle.

Working out should be a part of our daily routine and this can help us to feel stronger, healthier, and more positive. However, working out is something that gets pushed to the side first in our busy schedules. It is important to keep it as a part of our regular schedule and move other things around to make sure that we get our workouts in. It is a time during the day that we take for ourselves and it is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Zak Rivera ACSM Certified Personal Trainer