Passion. Passion is the reason I am a trainer. Everyone has a passion for something, mine just so happens to be health and fitness. I believe one of the greatest feelings in the world is to help others achieve their goals. Health and fitness is constantly changing, and there are always new and innovative ideas out there. Most people can be overwhelmed with all the information, and need help sifting through all of the information so it can fit their individual needs. Changing one’s life isn’t easy, so there is no reason to do it alone!
There is a certain type of excitement and thrill out of helping others achieve their goals. Knowing that I can help at least one person, and possibly make an impact on the way they live their life is why I am a trainer. I love being active, I love teaching people how to change their life, and I love to see their results. My focus has always been towards others, and I have the opportunity to use my knowledge to advise and guide people to their success.
Everyone is different, and for most people it is difficult to know where to start to improve their body and health. Help guiding people along their journey to success is an unequivocal feeling; it does not matter what the goal may be, all that matters is that you are willing to make the journey and start being the person you always knew you could be. My passion for being a trainer, is to help you along the way of your journey!pictures uploaded from iphone on 1.10.15 142

Scott Friedman BS- Kinesiology

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer