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Focused Results Studio – Where Health Isn’t An Option – It’s A Lifestyle

We all know that without maintaining our health, we can’t get the most out of life. Whether you are a stay at home mom, a busy executive on the run or an entrepreneur with your own business, good health is essential.

The problem is always time. It is difficult to devote hours each day to “working out.” Most of us don’t have that option. However, there are ways to take the time that is available to us perhaps as little as a half-hour, and to receive tremendous benefits from just that limited space in our busy schedules.

All We Need Is Your Goals + Our Expertise

At Focused Results Studio, our approach to your health and wellness is very different, because we offer focused workouts; hence, our name. We work with our client’s one on one, or with just you and your workout partner. There’s no one else, and best of all, there is never any judgment or embarrassment, shame or intimidation.

We only need 30 minutes of your time per session. In 30 minutes, our degreed and accredited, certified instructors work your body back to health and fitness from your inner core and out to all of the muscle groups. We call these workouts “Express Sessions.”

Of course, we also have full one hour sessions where our trainers, work with you to maximize the entire workout, health and fitness experience. Some clients vary sessions; a half-hour on one visit and a full-hour on the next, and so on. It is totally up to you.

The workouts are intense, but they are fun and always very supportive. We stress safety and we make sure you can support your own weight with functional movements before we would even consider having you lift a single weight.

Whether you have 30 minutes to spend with us or a full hour, we promise you the most productive workouts of your life!

Your Exercise Home Away From Home

When new clients first walk through the doors of our Lake Bluff, Illinois studio, they often tell us they feel comfortable, motivated and safe. Our space was created using only “green materials,” and spa-like furnishings, rather than the coldness of a locker room.

We are always pleased to talk to prospective clients without any pressure or obligation. In fact, Focused Results offers a complimentary, at home, 30-minute Express Session workout just so you can try us out!

We believe the path to your good health is not an option, but a lifestyle. We would like to help you start that journey.


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Zak, Andrew, Scott and the whole team are amazing. They work with you to achieve your goals and are so encouraging. Best fitness and health training in the area – easily!

Tricia S.

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